Barrelhouse In My Dampest Hour (2011)

Bartleby Snopes Two-Minute Histories (2011)

Burrow Press Review Cousin Kay (2015)

Defunct Young Urban Professionals (2011)

The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review In Defense of the Body (2013, reissued in Psychopomp, 2016)

Eunoia Review Divorce Store (2015)

Midwestern Gothic The Disappearance of Herman Grimes (2013)

Split Quarterly Satellite Down (2011)

Spolia An Excerpt from Queen of Spades (2014) | My Intro

Weave Magic (2011)

The Writer’s Chronicle The Golden Pelt: John Berryman and the Fame Equation (2013)

Your Impossible Voice Ask the Hydrangea (2014) | Listen

Image courtesy of Kathy Kali